Past Clients Share Their Experience With Gaffney Lewis

In my profession, it’s always best to ‘measure twice and cut once.’ As an attorney, Emmanuel Ferguson takes the same approach. He is a goal-oriented and results driven attorney who carefully plans the most effective and efficient way to achieve the desired result. Emmanuel’s careful planning and clear guidance is the reason why I am comfortable relying on him to advocate our behalf.

- Robert Knight

CEO, Pivotal Restoration

I can’t say enough about Amy Gaffney! She was responsive, professional, knows the law and just an amazing person to have on your side!

- Brennan Wesley

Amy Gaffney provided me with legal advice and guidance during a difficult situation with a former employer. I found Amy to be very professional, experienced, responsive, and knowledgeable, but even more importantly, to me, was her honesty. She was empathetic but clear and direct, which I highly appreciated. Amy Gaffney’s name was given to me very highly recommended, and I, too, highly recommend her services.

- RE

Regina Lewis has served as the mediator in several of my cases. I am impressed with her willingness to hear both sides and give insightful feedback on the differences between the case viewpoints. Regina is dedicated to resolving tough mediations even when we have reached an impasse on the day of mediation. With Regina’s assistance, we were able to resolve a particularly challenging mediation weeks after the actual mediation took place. I strongly recommend her mediation services.

- Shannon Polvi

Knowledgeable and helpful. Amy was responsive to my questions and was always available. My inquiry was related to employment law and I highly recommend her. After everything was completed, she followed-up with me. Since then I have recommended friends and will continue to do so.

- James B

Both Regina Lewis and Amy Gaffney are consummate professionals and knowledgeable attorneys. I have had the pleasure of having Regina Lewis serve as mediator in several cases over the years. Regina is an excellent mediator who has helped both sides reach an amicable resolution even when it seemed impossible.

- Jay Babb

Regina has served as a mediator in dozens of my cases over the past few years. Our firm has used Regina as a mediator in cases that range from run-of-the-mill employment law and personal injury disputes to harassment and sexual assault claims and more complex and nuanced regulatory whistleblower claims. In all cases, Regina quickly grasps the subject matter and legal issues.

Regina is an effective mediator and she is able to bridge the gap between employees and employers in contested termination and discrimination cases. Very often, before I recommend Regina as mediator in a case my opponents will suggest using her. That both sides in a case regularly recommend Regina is a testament to her skill, reasonableness, and penchant for resolving legal disputes.

- James Porter

Ms. Lewis is one of my “go-to” mediators for employment law disputes. She earns my clients’ trust quickly and provides the frank, respectful feedback that is necessary to attain resolution in my most contentious cases. While I typically use her mediation services for employment disputes, I would trust her to mediate cases in any practice area.

- Bryn Sarvis Rice

Workplace stability requires sound, clear labor law advice and Gaffney Lewis delivers. From participating in employee trainings to specific counsel on employment matters, we always receive quality balanced advice, that is easy to understand, in a timely affordable fashion. Our company and employees are beneficiaries of Gaffney Lewis’ expertise and professionalism.

- Anonymous

Amy was a wonderful mediator in a difficult case. She made my client feel at ease and was able to open a productive dialogue about strengths and weaknesses of our case that ultimately helped us reach a resolution.

- Molly Hamilton Cawley

II have had to work with a few law firms in the past, but Gaffney Lewis is by far the best law firm. Emmanuel Ferguson is an excellent attorney. He works hard to ensure that you get the best legal advice and service possible. He was honest and upfront about my case from the beginning which made me feel comfortable about him handling my case. Due to his thorough handling of my case, he was able to help resolve my employment issues in months instead of years. I highly recommend Emmanuel Ferguson and Gaffney Lewis law firm. He and the attorneys at his firm support each other and moreover, they support their clients.

- Individual Client

Very pleased with the work that I did with Amy related to employment law. She is very knowledgeable and professional but most importantly, she cares. She was responsive to my questions and helped me understand the related document. I have since referred someone to her office and would highly recommend her firm.

- James B

I have recommended and will continue to highly recommend the Gaffney Lewis firm for anyone needing legal assistance. Amy Gaffney and her staff were professional and compassionate throughout the entire process. During my very first phone call with Amy, I knew she was listening and taking my concerns seriously, and that sincerity from Amy never faltered. She kept me updated, worked expeditiously on a resolution, and helped the case remain true to my principles and purpose for filing litigation.

I must also add that Amy and her staff were efficient with expenses and my time. They worked hard to keep me abreast of each step of the process, but they also kept an eye on expenditures so as to not overburden any settlement that was reached. I hope to never find myself in a situation that requires Amy’s services again, but if I do, I won’t call anyone else.

- Karen Fiery

I had the pleasure of working with Amy Gaffney on a recent employment matter. She was responsive and professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. I felt that I was in the best hands possible. I highly recommend the Gaffney Lewis firm!

- Wendy Cox

I have used Regina Lewis to mediate a wide variety of cases. She is able to connect with clients and takes the time to listen to their concerns. She is a highly effective mediator. I have been able to reach resolutions in some very contested cases due to Regina’s assistance

- Samantha Albrecht

I really enjoyed working with Amy. She was recommended to me by another client and I definitely see why. Once I had her on my side, I felt so confident in her skill and trusted her wholly. She helped resolve my case peacefully and professionally, and I am so grateful for her help. I highly recommend her services. Thank you again Amy!

- Jess Hayne

I cannot thank Gaffney Lewis enough for their legal guidance. This law firm has handled both my employment and personal injury cases with a professionalism that is hard to find in today’s business world. Amy keeps things simple to understand and is straightforward in her approach. I would not hesitate to recommend Gaffney Lewis to anyone who asked about this law firm.

- Anonymous

She has extraordinary trial and negotiation skills. Because of her undergraduate training in communication, she is also a top mediator.

- Anonymous

I have known Amy Gaffney personally for over fifteen years. Although we are on opposite sides, she is one of the most honorable attorneys I have practiced with. All lawyers should strive to attain her level of intelligence and integrity.

- Anonymous

Amy is one of the most ethically sound attorneys I have encountered. She exhibits all of the qualities that attorneys strive to accomplish. Amy is knowledgeable, hardworking and highly principled.

- Anonymous



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